Lee's Lieutenants, Army of Northern Virginia, Inc
General Lewis Armistead Portrayed by Dennis Cole
Dennis Cole has loved civil war history as long as he can remember, ever since Errol Flynn played General Custer and ever since he was old enough to drive to Gettysburg and Antietam. Dennis had family that fought for the South that were from Dumfries and Manassas Va. One of his uncles rode with Jeb Stewart, his name is Col. Edward Cole who is buried at the Confederate cemetery in Fredericksburg. Dennis picked Lewis A. Armistead because at the time they were the same age, height with very similar facial features; the only difference is that Dennis has just a little more hair.

"My friends call me Lo. I was born Feb. 18,1817 in Newbern NC to Walker Keith Armistead and Elizabeth Stanley. I grew up in Upperville Va. I was accepted to West Point on March 21, 1833 but had to resign for the first time because I was ill. On January 29, 1836 I had a difference of opinion with old Jube (Jubal Early) so I cracked a plate over his head. Following a recommendation by my father I resigned for a second time. In 1839, I was appointed second lieutenant of the 6th U.S Infantry. I fought in the Seminole Indian wars with my father General Walker Armistead. After that I fought in Mexico were I met my good friend Winfield Hancock and his lovely wife Almira. When the South and Virginia decided to secede, I resigned from the U.S army and left California for Richmond. In 1861 I started as major; two weeks later I was promoted to Colonel of the 57th Va. In 1862 I was promoted to Brigadier General and was in command of the 9th the 14th, 38th, 53rd,and 57th Inf. I fought in many battles: Seven Pines, Seven Days, Sharpsburg, Harpers Ferry, but the best was what we did at Gettysburg. Hat on sword we marched on to destiny... Many good men fell that day. I'm buried at St. Paul's cemetery in Baltimore, MD., with my uncle George Armistead who had fought at fort McHenry in the war of 1812 and who saved the original flag, the Star Spangled Banner. Come see us in Baltimore."