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President Jefferson Davis, CSA - Portrayed by David Walker
Jefferson Davis was born June 3, 1808 in Kentucky being the tenth child of Samuel and Jane Davis.

He attended West Point from 1824-28 graduating 23rd out of 35. He spent seven years on the frontier and then resigned. He married Sarah Knox Taylor, daughter of Zachary Taylor in 1835 with Sarah dying three months after the marriage.

He then was a plantation owner with his older brother Joseph over the next ten years and married Varina Howell in 1845 after a brief courtship.

After he was elected to the House of Representatives in 1845, he went off to the Mexican war in 1846-1847. In 1853 he was named Secretary of War for Franklin Pierce. After that he was elected to the US Senate until his resignation after Mississippi seceded.

He was elected Provisionary President on February 9th, 1861 and reelected on November 6th, 1861. He remained President until his capture on May 9th, 1865. After his capture he was put in prison for two years. After being released he eventually moved to Mississippi again and wrote his memoirs with that being published in 1881. He died in New Orleans on December 6th, 1889.

David Walker has been portraying Davis since 2007 with events almost every weekend during the Spring, Summer and Fall.