Lee's Lieutenants, Army of Northern Virginia, Inc
General J.E.B. Stuart Portrayed by Bill Frueh
General Stuart is portrayed by Bill Frueh. Bill has been living in Golden Colorado for the last 33 years and travels back east to portray General J.E.B. Stuart. Bill has been a history buff since he was a boy and has been reenacting since 1995. Bill served in the infantry, artillery and cavalry. He read a book by William Willis Blackford called "The War Years with J.E.B. Stuart" and it was then that he knew that Stuart was the man that he wanted to honor.

With that ambition, Bill purchased a horse that lives in Virginia, and then he was ready to assume the role of the Army of Northern Virginia's famous cavalry commander.

Bill can be reached by email at bfrueh@juno.com and welcomes all fans of Jeb to feel free to write to him.