Lee's Lieutenants, Army of Northern Virginia, Inc
Colonel John Singleton Mosby portrayed by Jimmy Fleming
John Singleton Mosby was born in Edgemont, Virginia, December 6, 1833. In 1849 he entered the University of Virginia where he shot and wounded a fellow student in a quarrel when the student made a "disagreeable allegation." Becoming interested in law during his trial, he persuaded his attorney to lend him some law books. Mosby was admitted to the bar following his release and opened a law office in Bristol, Virginia.

Even though he opposed secession, Mosby enlisted immediately when his state left the Union declaring, " Virginia is my mother, God bless her! I can't fight against my mother, can I?" He joined the 1st Virginia Cavalry as a private. During the Peninsula Campaign, Mosby volunteered to serve as a scout for Brigadier General Jeb Stuart and distinguished himself guiding Stuart's task force around McClellan's army in June 1862. Stuart called Mosby's service "a shining record of daring and usefulness." In June 1863 Mosby's command was re-designated the 43rd Battalion of Partisan Rangers and continued its series of lightning raids against the Federals. Mosby was promoted to colonel in December 1864 and his command had increased to 800 men. Robert E. Lee, mentioned Mosby in his orders and reports more often than any other Southern officer. Twelve days after the surrender of at Appomattox on April 9, 1865, Mosby reviewed his troops for the last time and disbanded them at Salem, Virginia. "I am no longer your commander," Mosby told his men, "Farewell."

Jimmy Fleming grew up idolizing John S. Mosby. He was born in Leesburg, Va. and spent all the summers of his youth at his grandparents horse farm in Warrenton, Va. While growing up there he learned to ride and care for horses, spending many a summer day gallavanting around the Fauquier countrysides pretending to be the Grey Ghost. He currently lives in Leesburg with his 4 horses and has resided in Mosby's Confederacy his entire life.

Jimmy has loved the history of the Civil War since he was a child. He participates in Living Histories, Re-enactments, Civil War Roundtables, as well as other Civil War and Mosby events.