Lee's Lieutenants, Army of Northern Virginia, Inc
Lt.Gen James Longstreet, portrayed by Gene Pennell
Growing up in the South and having family in both North and South Carolina I learned at an early age about the War Between the States. I recall my Great Grandmother, a living witness to the reconstruction in the south, telling me how mean those Yankees were when they passed near where the family lived. Learning about my family that served in various Infantry and Cavalry companies during the war presented me with the challenge of teaching everyone that I possibly could about the war and why the South fought it. Portraying a great General like James Longstreet is not only a challenge, but it gives me an opportunity to share with the public his ideas and understanding of military tactics, his ability to lead men, and sometimes very close friends in very dangerous battle situations.
Serving with Lee's Lieutenants allows me the opportunity to portray James Longstreet in a more personal manner.

James Longstreet was born in the Edgefield District of South Carolina January 8, 1821 and grew up in Northern Georgia in the Augusta area. With the goal of being a career soldier, James attended and graduated from West Point in 1842.. He served 19 years in the Federal Army and obtained the rank of Major. When the War Between the States began James chose to resign his commission from the Federal Army and defend his home state of Georgia. President Jefferson Davis appointed him a Brigadier General and placed him under the command of P.T.G. Beauregard. General Longstreet served in almost every major engagement during the war and quickly earned the admiration, respect and confidence of General R. E. Lee. General Lee often referred to him as his old War Horse. General Longstreet was the only Lieutenant General to serve with General Lee during the war from start to its finish. General Longstreet was the last of the high command of the Confederate Army to die. He died January 2nd, 1904 and is buried in Gainsville Georgia.....

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